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Aug 3rd

AMTA Announces Educational Tour

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Recently the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) announced a renewed commitment to public education on the importance of massage therapy for. Its proactive education efforts are combined with consumer and health care media, along with a social media presence for consumers. A direct consumer tour will be launched in July. For continuing public outreach, it will combine with successful, yearly education awareness of massage therapy therapy in October.

In late May, many online, television and print about massage therapy for health were created. More than 250 news sources ran the story about the four most significant therapies. Clinical studies conducted in the previous year were distributed to news media outlets.

On July 12, the national massage therapy consumer experience education tour starts a nationwide educational tour. Information about massage therapy will be available to educate the public on the benefits. Traveling the country, the tour will stop at key public events, and talk with interested people. A van will serve as a traveling billboard, promotion for health. Interested people are encouraged to seek an ATMA member for their next massage.

Massage clients, therapists, students and schools can follow the tour on the AMTA website and through the social media site. Videos and other information about tour stops will be posted to help educate the public. Clients at tour stops will be encouraged to share experiences instantly by internet access from the tour location. This education promotion continues throughout the summer.

The American Massage Therapy Association is a leading non-profit, specialized association serving therapists, students and schools. It is lead by volunteers and promotes continuing, direct involvement through its 51 chapters. AMTA strives to develop the profession with standards and ethics. It promotes fair and dependable licensing of therapists in every state, along with open education of benefits of massage therapy.

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