Massage Classes

Massage Classes for Couples and Pairs of Friends

Experience a weekend massage class for couples and pairs of friends. Learn to share the relaxation and many health benefits of massage, in a way that doesn’t hurt your hands! Learn basic massage for upper back, neck and shoulders, scalp and face, hands and forearms, and feet. Participants can remain clothed throughout if more comfortable, removing socks and outer shirts only, with a tank top to allow access to upper back and arms. Massage cream and handouts are provided.

$125 per couple.
Location: Balance Therapeutic Massage, 103 North Crescent Avenue, Louisville, KY
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Infant Massage Class

Each class is between 40-60 minutes long, depending on the needs of the baby and size of the family group attending. Classes can be attended by all members of the family who care for the baby. Classes are scheduled privately, and are held in my home or yours (for an extra traveling fee). Infant massage classes are also available to people in infant care professions; I will happily travel to hospitals, day care facilities and other locations. Contact me for special rates for group classes.

$105 per family

BalancePhotos Baby Class