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Sep 14th

Post Massage Self Care

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Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your massage session:

Remember to drink plenty of water in the few days after your massage. Tight muscles store toxins that are released through massage; staying hydrated helps flush those toxins out of your body, helping to reduce soreness after a massage.  Drink water to help your body continue the cleansing and healing process that massage introduces.

Some post-massage muscle soreness is common, especially the day after your session.  However, if you feel any amount of pain you consider to be above average, please DO NOT HESITATE to contact your therapist to discuss what might be occurring with your body.

Treat yourself kindly and gently for several days after your session, so you can fully absorb the benefits of the massage.  Try some gentle stretching, a quiet walk, a cup of tea.  Enjoy that feeling of relaxation, and stretch it out as long as you can!

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