Rates and Services

At Balance, we specialize in Deep Massage – the Lauterstein Method, developed by educator and bodyworker David Lauterstein.  Deep Massage is not, as the name might imply, specifically deep pressure massage (though can use deep pressure when appropriate), but rather an approach to bodywork overall that emphasizes the important interplay between the structural aspect of massage and the client as a whole person – body, emotions, energy.

Therapeutic Massage
30 minute: $40
60 minute: $70
90 minute: $100

In-Home Massage

Hot Stone Massage
60 minute: $85
90 minute: $125

Couples Therapeutic Massage

Add Heat Pack to Your Massage
no extra charge

Add Aromatherapy to Your Massage
no extra charge

Quantity Pricing Package:
Purchase 3 or more 60-minute therapeutic massage sessions for a $30 discount

Therapeutic Massage at Balance is usually an integrative combination of several modalities:

deep tissue
athletics massage
pre- and postnatal massage
trigger point therapy
myofascial release

Pressure can range from light to moderate to deep, depending on your needs. We work with all ages and abilities.

Infant Massage Instruction:  $105

BalancePhotos Paige Paige Paige

Each class is between 40-60 minutes long, depending on the needs of the baby and size of the family group attending. Classes can be attended by all members of the family who care for the baby.  Classes are scheduled privately, and can be held in your home for an extra traveling fee.  Infant massage classes are also available to people in infant care professions; I will happily travel to hospitals, day care facilities and other locations.  Contact me for special rates for group classes.