My prayers were answered when I found Genia! She has a natural God-given talent to understand and work with the body for healing. When we met, I had been seeing a licensed physical therapist for a frozen shoulder. After 2 months of excruciating treatment my shoulder was actually getting worse. My expectation of the massage was that it would help alleviate some of the pain during use and possibly restore movement. I cannot even describe the delight I experienced after my first appointment with Genia. Not only was the shoulder massage minimally uncomfortable but the restoration of movement and ability was amazing. On every subsequent appointment my mobility and range of motion improved. She also addressed persistent on-going neck issues and every time I see her I regain range of motion with less tension in my neck. I could never find a way to thank Genia enough for sharing her amazing talent to heal my body. I recommend her to everyone I know.

~Susie Wood, Louisville, KY