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Apr 27th

The Benefits of Sports Massage for Children

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The Benefits of Sports Massage for Children

It’s estimated that nearly 250,000 children get injured each year playing sports.  Often an injured child  will have to sit out for several weeks or months to allow the body time to heal. Sitting out for a season can be frustrating and upsetting.  Massage can help the recovery process go a little smoother. Some benefits of sports massage are:

Faster recovery time

Most children are anxious to get back on the field after an injury. Sports massage can shorten the length of time needed for recovery by stimulating the flow of oxygen and healing nutrients to the muscles.  It can also reduce scar tissue and relieve stress on the injured joints and connective tissues.

Increases flexibility and range of motion

Sports massage can improve the elasticity of tissues, helping to increase flexibility and range of motion. Children who are more flexible and have a wider range of motion are less likely to suffer a second injury.

Helps eliminate lactic acid

Lactic acid is a substance that builds up in the muscles after an intense workout. Lactic acid and other muscular waste products can irritate the muscles and cause soreness. A massage can help alleviate soreness by helping the body remove excess waste products, replacing them with the oxygen-rich blood muscles need for healthy function.

Can help boost performance

Many children fear that their performance will suffer if they sit out for too long. The improved flexibility and range of motion that massage offers can help enhance a child’s athletic performance, after an injury or at any time during the playing season.

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